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Luisa Cascón Rodríguez

A creative and persistent professional passionate about SEO and Application Development.

A small Summary

I am currently the head of development of W2M, company of the CIMD Group, where during 15 year I have developed the software to buy and sell energy. Web Applications autonomous and desktops, to operate in real time with energy. Also the use of a big quantity of data that are in data bases. Reporting, settlement and invoicing.

About 5 years ago, after working in the development and design of various websites, I realized that a website that does not receive visits is like something that doesn´t exist. I started to explore the SEO and Digital Marketing world, which has become my passion.

I do not limit myself only to manage projects, but also to acquire a thorough understanding of the business, aligning technology with customer needs and be a tool to efficiently manage operations and information company.

CV Luisa Cascón - English CV Luisa Cascón

Some of my skills

  • .Net

  • SQL Server

  • SEO

  • Digital Marketing

  • Planning

  • Learning Quickly

  • Team Management

Working Experience


Professional Máster SEO SEM (2014-2015)


Master Applied Climatology and Environmental Management (1999-2000)

INM & Complutense University

Degree in Physics. Specialities Material and Particles (1992-1998)

Santiago de Compostela University

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