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My great passion, SEO.

SEO Projects

The Wonder SEO

Website for selling SEO services, SEM, web design, and programming.
Perform the design, programming, Web Architecture, Keyword Research and Technical SEO Site, Local SEO, content generation and network management social. Currently I am working on linkbuilding and soon I will ad payment Adwords.

Estoy Ready

Web to learn Spanish online through different lessons at different levels.
I have made ​​the web site audit and search for keywords. Currently we are working on the new architecture focused on several countries, international SEO and spend the redesign to boost sales of the lessons and the number of visits to the website to achieve top search engine positions.

Shiatsu en Futón

Web that offers shiatsu massage at home or in clinic.
I have made the web site audit as well as web design, search keywords and architecture. By the time we get the content, publish and start with Local SEO, Adwords and linkbuilding .

Donde Están Las Demás

Web that offers leisure activities and free time for lesbian and bisexual women.
I made the design and programming, as well as SEO and SEO OnPage offpage. Management of social networks: Facebook and Twitter. I got to place it in the top positions in Google for lesbian Madrid, Leisure lesbian...

Axana Physiotherapy

Company providing physiotherapy services.
I made web audit, keyword research, web architecture, technical seo. Published shortly.

Amsara Coaching

Website offering coaching services.
I made web audit, keyword research, web architecture multilingual, technical seo. Published shortly.


Commercial outsourcing company.
I did design, keyword research, architecture, technical seo and lack of content, publish anything.